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Rondalyn's Journal

11th September, 2004. 11:29 pm. my life so far

So I had julianna on august 10th 2004,she;s only one month old but she's growing really fast. I decided to start school this fall instead of waiting until january. But it means that I'm now going to sullivan b/c its starts late enough in the fall for me to be able to put her in daycare. I dont have any real guys in my life right now and i'm actually a lot happier. They were causin too much stress for a while. But anyhoo, I'm in Alabama right now for my grandmother's funeral. We've been here since wedensday and i'm actually ready to go. I wait to be back at home, I dont handle deaths well. anyhoo....Toodles

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11th September, 2004. 11:14 pm.

Oh man, lets see its been a long time since I've been on here. I had a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she is gorgeous!

I've been thru a lot of guys too, but that was before the baby, and only one had such an impact that i will never forget. I recently got in touch with him again and hopefully we can remain friends.


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26th June, 2003. 10:11 pm.

Okay lets see.....jahmai won't talk to me,david b is talking me...but barely and thats probably on b/c i talked to his mom the other day. that damn girl stacey wont stop callin. i have an interview tomorrow, and i dont think i'm gonna get it, kyle won't talk to me. i dont know where i'm goin to school next year. I ran into the garage with my car....again. they just fried fish in this damn house and now its hot as hell. worl just extremly sucked today....not sure y though.

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26th June, 2003. 12:24 am.

SO there's this guy chad that i really like, but his ex has been giving me a hard time and constantly calls me. Well he told me that he really like me and wants to be with me. I really do want to be with him so hopefully it will work out.

Last week Jahmai told me that he likes me. I kinda forgot about it and started teling him about chad. and ended up hurting his felings, i didn't mean to. Jahmai has been a really great friend to me these last few weeks. I need more friends like him. I dont want to ruin that. I'd rather have a friend than a bf, but I do like chad and i do wanna try to make it work. i never meant to hurt jahmai though. I just dont see us being anything more than just friends.

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24th June, 2003. 4:27 pm.

its been a long day and its not over yet

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21st June, 2003. 10:56 pm. All the names people call me by have breathing problems.....

Your name of Lizzy has brought you enjoyment in working with people in circumstances in which you can organize and direct their efforts, preferably in an executive position. You are self-expressive, philanthropic, clever, and ambitious. You like to specialize in whatever you undertake. This name gives you an optimistic outlook on life. You appreciate good quality in all things and want the best money can buy. You have big ideals and dreams about the things you would like but you are not always willing to put forth the necessary effort, particularly if it means being subservient to others or having to work in an unimportant, menial capacity. Position and means are important to you and, in order to create this impression of affluence, you will spend even when it is not prudent to do so. You like to give the impression that you have everything under control. You must learn to be tolerant of the weaknesses of others and be fair in your judgment, not measuring from your standard of practical thinking but recognizing the needs of others. You are generally good-natured, but may suffer with feelings of self-pity, particularly if your financial success is limited. Use of this name would cause any health weaknesses to centre in the female generative organs.

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21st June, 2003. 10:55 pm.

Your name of Elizabeth gives you a very idealistic but passive outlook on life. You desire culture and all the refinements of life but you are inclined to live in your dreams. Although you would like to do many things, procrastination undermines your accomplishment and success in life. You do not like to create issues and will do anything to avoid a conflict. Making decisions is difficult for you without the support and approval of others. This name gives you a very sensitive nature, making you feel much that you do not understand. Your feelings are easily hurt, at which times you are inclined to withdraw and become uncommunicative. Although you desire the friendship and association of others, you find it difficult to express your thoughts through the spoken word, and others find you hard to get to know. It is much more natural for you to express your deeper thoughts in writing. Inner tension can deplete your physical vitality. You are inclined to indulge in rich foods that lack proper nourishment. The physical weaknesses due to this name centre in the heart and respiratory organs, and in the fluid functions.

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21st June, 2003. 10:53 pm.

The name of Ronda gives you a clever, quick, analytical mind, but you suffer with a great deal of self-consciousness, lack of confidence, and much aloneness because of misunderstandings. Your idealistic and sensitive nature gives you a deep appreciation for the finer things of life and a strong desire to be of service to humanity. There are times when you experience inner turbulence at your inability to say what you mean. It is far easier for you to express your deeper thoughts and feelings through writing than verbally. You find pleasure in literature, in poetry, and in your ideals and will turn to them when you feel you have been misunderstood. You are deeply moved by the beauties of life, especially nature. Because your feelings run deep, you must guard against the ups and downs, being very inspired one minute, then moody, reserved, and depressed the next. Your reactions to people vary according to how you feel. You tend to be secretive and noncommittal about private matters, yet at times you will talk effusively in order to hide your self-consciousness or to lead others away from personal subjects. You are inspired by encouragement from others, yet suspicious of their intent. You crave affection but seldom find anyone who understands your nature. Physical weaknesses would show in your heart, lungs, or bronchial organs.

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21st June, 2003. 10:51 pm.

The name of Rondalyn creates a very quiet, practical nature and a clever and inventive mind. Being analytical and naturally studious, you are interested in a factual understanding of the mysteries of life. Your methodical nature requires that you like to finish what you start without interruptions and also to have everything in its place and properly organized. An ability to concentrate could take you into computer programming or accountancy or any work requiring concentration and attention to detail. You have, also, a flair for creative expression with your hands. You take life seriously and can be easily and deeply hurt and go into moods which can be quite extreme at times, causing much turmoil and unhappiness. Finding it difficult to join in conversation with those with whom you are not well-acquainted, you could feel quite alone and uncommunicative with new acquaintances or in a large crowd. As a result, you could be accused of being unfriendly. You desire so much to be understood, but your name has limited your verbal expression to such an extent that it is very difficult for you to divulge your innermost thoughts even to those closest to you. One of your greatest salvations is being out in nature, for it is there that you find the peace and serenity you so much desire. Physically you could suffer through tension in the heart, lungs, or bronchial organs, and also through intestinal problems, constipation, etc.

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18th June, 2003. 9:19 pm. My wonderful day.

Okay let' see....first off, i had to work today, and there was not one car in my driveway for me to drive, what the hell??? SO i bummed a ride to work from daddy. at work I spent the entire time processing shipment. i hate shipment. And I was the only one doin it which made me really mad. I bummed a ride home from Wes. Then I get home and find a certified letter saying that I've been kicked out of school. Yes thats right. I no longer go male. i have a $450 ring on my finger saying that I will graduate from male in 2004...haha....not anymore. so then my mothers gets home and yells that its all my fault and i listen to her "i told u so" speech. And daddy calls so i get to hear another one. Then at 8:49 pm.....Kyle calls to break up with me. YEA, the Kyle said that he has alot of things going on right now, and he didnt want it to seem like he was pushing me away, so yea now that has ended to. I think he should have realized that he had a lot going on BEFORE he told me he loved me.

Current mood: depressed.

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