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My wonderful day.

Okay let' see....first off, i had to work today, and there was not one car in my driveway for me to drive, what the hell??? SO i bummed a ride to work from daddy. at work I spent the entire time processing shipment. i hate shipment. And I was the only one doin it which made me really mad. I bummed a ride home from Wes. Then I get home and find a certified letter saying that I've been kicked out of school. Yes thats right. I no longer go male. i have a $450 ring on my finger saying that I will graduate from male in 2004...haha....not anymore. so then my mothers gets home and yells that its all my fault and i listen to her "i told u so" speech. And daddy calls so i get to hear another one. Then at 8:49 pm.....Kyle calls to break up with me. YEA, the Kyle said that he has alot of things going on right now, and he didnt want it to seem like he was pushing me away, so yea now that has ended to. I think he should have realized that he had a lot going on BEFORE he told me he loved me.
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what?? why are you kicked out of male??
i think b/c of grades and tardies, the letter was one of the ones, that they just send to everyone and didnt give a reason. Since I got mine late I wrote this huge letter begging for my spot back. It worked for that one soph. in orch.